Youths Are Now Learning From Me -Senator Abbo

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Senator Elisha Abbo, Adamawa-North lawmaker has said that young people around the world are now learning from him and they can now see the difference between aspiring for office and being in office.

Accordinv to Punch Nigeria, Abbo said this while receiving the ICON of Democracy Award which was presented to him by the Intercommunity Awareness for Change and Development Initiative in Abuja last week.

The lawmaker, who was went viral when hid video of assaulting a shop attendant, Bibra Warmate, at a sex toy shop was published, urged young who aspire to hold public office to note that what they had done in their past could be used against them in future.

Abbo said, “It is not just about being in power for the sake of being in power. There is so much responsibility on young leaders, on leaders all over the world. I believe that young people all over the world will be learning from me that there is now a huge gap between wanting to be in power and being in power to deal with the challenges of politics and swimming in the murky waters of Nigerian politics. And I believe that young people will draw (sic) straight from me.”

While speaking with a big smile on his face, Abbo said, “You are all aware of what happened a few weeks back where certain things happened and I have been in the public space. I was the number one trending topic on social media. I was number one trending on Twitter and the rest of it but that is leadership.

“That is politics for you. Don’t be surprised that what you did 10 years ago would come back to haunt you and that is why you must always remember that even though you are a young person now, you will contest elections tomorrow.

Abbo also urged the youths to be of good conduct at all time.


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