True vision of future delivery vehicles unveils -Isuzu


Happening at the Tokyo Motor Show, there are always some head-turning concept vehicles, but this fascinating creation from Isuzu has caught the attention of many. Those who travel frequently by plane may mistake this for an airport tram, while others may think it looks more like something pulled behind a diesel locomotive. It is called FD-SI, and in fact it is Isuzu’s takeover of a future van.
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There is not much of Isuzu that is this very interesting, very spectacular concept. It is designed to be a light-emitting vehicle, not unlike the box-wagons currently in use in cities around the world. According to Isuzu, the FD-SI not only focuses on unconventional loading space, but also on driving comfort and convenience. Wait, let’s say drivers? This is correct – Isuzu has counteracted the trend of autonomous delivery vehicles to take account not only of provisions for a driver in this concept, but also to create a focus.

The single seat is located in the middle of the driver’s cab, the vertical greenhouse provides excellent visibility to the front. Cameras provide a view behind the truck, while the honeycomb structure, which runs through the back of the concept, provides both stiffness for the truck and storage space for cargo. In this case, we suspect that cargo is banned in small boxes, since everything is stored in the honeycomb tubes. Isuzu does not mention the current source for the FD-SI, but we assume it is an electrical arrangement.

Given the fact that most manufacturers invest in more mainstream concepts, it is extremely interesting to focus on a niche market, For example light trucks. We are not sure about the honeycomb tubes, but we suspect that the people who earn their livelihoods go into conventional vans – many of which were originally originally from Isuzu – something new and refreshing like this crazy cool concept.