Things Single Ladies Desperately Want to See In Single Men


As see searches for the man of her life, there are things she would definitely look out for.

These are the most common five things she would look out for.

1. Don’t underestimate your leadership role: God assigned all men, not just husbands, the responsibility and privilege of leadership when it comes to women. You are physically and emotionally tougher than us.

2. Don’t single us out unless you want a singular relationship with us: When you single us out in any way we notice. When we notice you treating us in a manner that is significantly different than the way you treat other women, it leads us to believe you are interested in us in a singular way.

3. Don’t leave us guessing about your intentions: Imagine our female brains like a pie chart. When we don’t know where we stand in relationships, a large portion of the pie is consumed with trying to figure this out.

4. Don’t lead us to a place of intimacy if you have no intention of making us your wife: We know it’s not okay to go to a place of physical intimacy with you outside of marriage. But guys, when you flirt or ‘connect’ with us on levels that are emotionally and romantically intimate, you are still putting our hearts at great risk.

5. Don’t dishonor us by ‘keeping your options open’: We hate the idea of just being one of many options a man might be entertaining as he shops for a mate.