The retrenchment of some teachers in Kaduna by the State governor


News reaching tellitmore has it that a good number of teachers have been sacked in Kaduna state.Reporting this is Mr Seth Shettu Muazu, who expressing his grievances as regards the sack of these teachers in kaduna had this to say.

Mr Seth Shettu Muazu

”I want to comment on the happenings of to day being 9/11/2017, about the sack of some teachers by kaduna state government in kaduna yesterday, l want the NUT to look in to these case very well because base on the writing examination of the teachers that passed the exams. fine, but the question their is that why is that some securities names appear that did not write the examination.secondly why is that their are some people that are dead years back, and there name appear that they have pass the examination, please ask the governor of kaduna state that how will people that are dead for some years will come and sit for the examination and passed, how and why? l think the governor is not competent to lead his state.”