The deadly virus “monkeypox” hits Bayelsa


The fear of the inhabitants of the Bayelsa state as a deadly virus epidemic, known as “Monkeypox”, in the condition is broken

According to the World Health Organization, the Monkeypox is a rare disease, which mainly occurs in remote areas of Central and West Africa near tropical rainforests.

“The monkeypox virus can cause a deadly disease in humans and although it is similar to human pox that has been eradicated, it is much milder,” WHO says

It became authoritarian learned that a doctor and 10 people who came down with the monkeypoxes had been interrupted in an isolation center at the Niger Delta University Hospital Okolobiri in Yenagoa’s Local Government Area.

The isolation center was allegedly created by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control and the epidemiological team of the State Ministry of Health to control the spread of the virus.

The NCDC and the epidemiological team should be tracked

The State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Ebitimitula Etebu, confirmed the development and said that samples of the virus to the. The World Health Organization Laboratory in Dakar, Senegal, was sent for confirmation

He described Monkeypox as a viral disease caused by a group of viruses that contained chickenpox and sm allpox, adding that the first case was in the Democratic Republic of Congo and later outbreaks in the West African region.

The commissioner explained that the virus has the Central African and the West African types and says that the West The African type is milder and has no records of mortality.

Etebu said: “Recently, in Bayelsa State, we noticed a suspected outbreak of Monkeypox, not confirmed, and we sent samples to the World Health Organization’s reference laboratory in Dakar, Senegal
“When that comes out, we’ll be sure it’s confirmed. But from all the indications it goes.

“As the name suggests, the virus was first seen in the monkey, but can also be found in all busts such as rats, squirrels and antelopes.”

“The source is generally all animals. It was first seen in monkeys and therefore it is called Monkeypox.

“So, the secretions of particularly dead animals are highly contagious.”

He introduced the symptoms of monkeypoxes as severe headaches, fever, back pain, etc., notice that most of the worries of all signs are skin rashes larger than those caused by chickenpox.

The commissioner said that the skin rashes are usually infected and usually infected on the whole body of

On the case Bayelsa said Etebu: “We have noticed the first index of Agbura , where someone was claimed to have killed and ate a monkey, and then the neighbors and families, the neighbors and families began

“We have seen cases of as far as Biseni. We have invited the NCDC together with our own epidemiological team from the Bayelsa Ministry of Health.

“We could understand most of the people who came into contact with the patients

” So far we have 10 patients and we have created an isolation center at the NDUTH and most of them are ”

” The disease has an incubation period and it is also self-limiting in the sense that within two

“We have made practically every arsenal available to raise awareness among the public and to make them known through radio programs, jingles and aviators, so the Nigerian Center for Disease Control has fully integrated into the Bayelsa state mobilized

“The only thing I will tell the public is to observe the hand hygiene and to ensure that s not come into contact with dead animals and their secretions. The disease is also airborne. So, when you come down with her, it’s very contagious.

“People should wash their hands whenever they come in or come out of their houses, and when they come into contact with animals, they should make sure they wash their hands should be very vigilant.

“Many people have come down with the symptoms, but they hide in their homes, and when they hide, there is a tendency to spread infection quarantine and treat them so that we can interrupt the spread of the disease.

“People should be quiet and they should not be scared The state has distributed personal protective equipment to workers and they use it.”