Starbucks Shops in London Take a look at Paper Cup Charge


With over 70 million people trickling out and in of Starbucks every week, the shops dissipate a lot of paper cups—round 2.5 billion a 12 months, The Guardian reports. However whereas it might be extra handy to make use of these than carry round a mug, it isn’t probably the most eco-friendly solution to drink espresso. The fabric is tough to recycle, so most of it finally ends up crowding landfills.

To lesson their dangerous affect on the setting, 35 Starbucks shops started charging clients who use the paper cups on Monday, February 26. The three-month trial is happening in London with a 5 pence (or seven cent) paper cup charge, in line with a press release. The cash raised via this further cost will go towards the environmental charity Hubbub, which can use it to run a examine on getting folks to drink from reusable cups. Starbucks may also step up the advertising and marketing for its ceramic cups and ensure its baristas supply them to clients.

Starbucks already gives a discount to those that use reusable cups, however they wish to see if this extra initiative will make folks carry or purchase their very own mugs to keep away from the charge. Analysis they carried out discovered that 48 p.c of individuals stated they’d, however after all, actions communicate louder than phrases. If the additional cost does appear to make a distinction, different places will take into account implementing one thing related, so be ready to pay on your environmental affect throughout future Starbucks runs.

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