Signs of the End Times completing Before Our Eyes


1. The Altar of the Lord rebuilt in Jerusalem

One of the key unfulfilled elements of end-times prophecy is the rebuilding of the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. For centuries, the Temple Mount has been occupied by the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and even today, though the site is in the State of Israel, the site is administered by the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, a Muslim organization. In short, there are several key barriers that seem to block the way to that particular prophecy being fulfilled.

2. Endless drought burns forests like kindling

The ongoing California drought has killed more than 12 million trees in its San Bernardino National Forest to date. The danger is compounded by rampant bark beetle infestations and wildfires, both of which take advantage of the trees’ water deprivation.

“It is almost certain that millions more trees will die over the course of the upcoming summer as the drought situation continues and becomes ever more long term,” biologist Jeffrey Moore, acting regional aerial survey program manager for the U.S. Forest Service, told the Los Angeles Times.

3.Starving sea lions mysteriously displaced

A record number of sea lions have washed up, starving and stranded, on southern California shores in recent months. This ghastly phenomenon more than doubles the total of lost sea lions appearing in 2013, the previous worst winter on record for the animals.

4. Disease outbreak and always a step toward a new plague?

Although the burgeoning Ebola epidemic,HIV has largely been brought under control (for now), another highly pathogenic virus is may soon start to rampage through the world.

5. Microchip implants symbolic of the Mark of the Beast?

It has long been surmised that the Mark of the Beast could be electronic in nature, perhaps as an implanted microchip in the hand or forehead, to be used for commerce, identification and access to various elements of life under the Antichrist’s rule. Recently, one company in Sweden voluntarily piloted a program that bears eerie similarities to those apocalyptic predictions.