will man one day go extinct from the face of the earth?


In an interview with Dr Robert W Carter on the faith network,he was asked about the importance of the human genome and he had this to say:

The genome is what is responsible for our colour,height,the way we behave.He went on to say that there has been continous degradation of information contained in the genome which will lead to our extinction.

He went further to say that every 60 children born has some mutations that the parents were not born with,that even the chromosomes that form men also have been mutated,that it has undergone some changes which are are not favourable.

He said that regular exercises,good nutrition,good environmental condition could slow down the effects of these mutation but will not stop it,that even gene therapy isn’t going to help..

He said that the damage done to the human genome since Adam and Eve is enormous and only God can repair it.

He further said that for Christ to come and still meet people here on earth,his coming should be relatively soon.