SARS Operatives Alledgly Kills Cleaner in Lagos

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Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS allegedly shot a cleaner, with the name Francis Eni, 39, around 8am on Monday.

Francis was on his way to attend to a customer when police personnel allegedly shot him at about 8am on Ajisegiri Street, Ilupeju, Lagos. After mistaking him for one of those they were looking for.

According to reports, after killing Francis, SARS raided many homes in the area and became violent, they slapped a woman and disconnected the drip being administered to her 10-year-old son.

According to an eyewitness in the resident,

“Even though I was not there when Francis was shot, I was one of the first set of persons to see him after he was shot dead by the SARS operatives, who were in a silver Toyota Corolla car with number plate YAB 725 AP, which had tinted glasses.

“Many of the residents went to the scene of the incident and were standing around the deceased, but the police asked the people to leave the place. When they refused, the police personnel retreated only to return with reinforcements, shooting in the air and firing teargas canisters at the crowd.

“The police are fond of arresting people indiscriminately in this area. When they arrest cult boys, they release them few hours later after extorting money from them. The same thing they have been doing when they arrest innocent people in this area.”


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