President Trump unleashes attack on Theresa May and UK ambassador as controversy rises Due to connections to Jeffrey Epstein


President Trump has launched a surprise attack on Fox News, blasting his well liked media ally for its choice of weekend anchors and for “loading up with Democrats & even using Fake unsourced New York Times as ‘source’ of information” in a series of vicious late night tweets. “Fox News is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!” the president wrote on Twitter.

Someplace in Washington,the outgoing Republican Justin Amash has called on Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to change her strategy and push for Mr Trump’s impeachment, not ruling out challenging the president with a 2020 run of his own.

The White House had been ,on monday, touting a major environmental speech from Mr Trump, and the president delivered on that promise by touting in a long speech in the East Room what he felt was proof of his administration’s leadership on the issue.

Environmentalists, in the long run, called the notion that Mr Trump’s administration was leading on the environment or climate change a “fantasy”, and pointed to his history of killing regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions.


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