Paul Okoye: ‘Bank Alert’ Was My First Solo Video, I Regret Making A Mistake

It appears the rivalry between the Psquare brothers is not dying any time soon.

The latest is a shot fired by Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy on Twitter where he claims the video to the popular Psquare song ‘Bank Alert’ was his first ever solo music video.

I made a serious mistake last year, the day I was shooting my first ever solo music video “bank alert” #regret ,I won’t be deceived dis time

We all know that his brother Peter aka Mr P appeared in the video and even sang some part of the song as seen in the video.

But with this tweet from Paul, it could be that he is telling his fans that he sang the whole song in the studio while he just allowed his brother to lip-sync some parts in the video. Doing that could be what he regrets.