Oral Sex To surpass smoking in causing Mouth Cancer- experts predict


Health experts predict Human Papillomavirus passed through oral sex could soon surpass smoking to become the leading cause of mouth cancer. It has been said that the virus both men and women. According to the National Health Service, roughly 6797 cases of mouth cancer were diagnosed in 2011 and the numbers have only gone up since then.

It is contracted through unprotected sex and affects the areas of the body that are exposed to moisture, such as the mouth, rectum, cervix and throat, among others. The virus is very common and highly contagious. The NHS also reports that over three – quarters of sexually active women come in contact with this virus. On coming in contact with it, a person might experience symptoms such as ulcers that don’t heal, pain in the mouth, white – red patches on the skin surrounding the mouth or throat, difficulty in swallowing, lump in the neck and drastic weight loss.

Preventing the spread of HPV

The best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is to refrain from having oral sex. However, there are other methods that could help you prevent the spread of the virus. Use of barriers such as condoms can shield against the spread of HPV.

Other facts about HPV
• There are more than 100 variants of the Human Papillomavirus.
• It is twice as common in men as in women.
• About one – fourths of all mouth cancer cases are HPV related.
• Cases have increased three – fold in the last decade. This trend is likely to continue in the future, experts predict.
• Early detection of mouth cancer can increase the survival rate by over 90 percent.