I do not think Buhari Can Fulfil All our Promises – Odigie Oyegun gives reasons


Odigie Oyegun,while Commenting on those criticizing the party on its promises,had this to say “I have heard some people accuse us of acting different to some of our campaign promises and I wonder what they are talking about.

“The manifesto of any political party must necessarily contain two categories of promises – those that are achievable immediately and within the lifespan of the administration and; those that are aspirational.

“We are only slightly beyond the halfway mark in our first four years, yet have achieved so much, so Nigerians have good reason to look forward to the future with great hope”.

“Yes, there are real challenges that people face every day. We have been able to accept the responsibility to improve the quality of lives of every Nigerian.Clearly,this is already working very much in progress”.

“l am confident that with this publication being presented here today, we would have answered, loud and clear, those who have asked us what we have achieved in two years”.