Nigeria Loses $3bn to Piracy Every Year

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According to Mr John Asein, Director-General, Nigerian Copyright Commission, the country loses $3bn to piracy every year.

He said “piracy had wrecked many great men in the creative industry with some of them begging for survival.”

In addition, he said; “The effect of piracy is immeasurable, it goes beyond monetary loss. If you see the number of well known practitioners in the Nollywood lamenting and probably seeking medical help, it tells you the magnitude of problems at hand. There is a human angle to it other than money, we have to be more creative in all we do. What we have begun to do now is to partner stakeholders. There is a lot we can do if we work together.”

Asein also advised schools not to purchase pirated books.

He said the fight against piracy would be extended to schools and that proprietors and heads of such schools that patronise pirated books would be sanctioned.


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