Marauding Nigerian presidency and the hegemony of the Nigerian youth Base.


Bayo Ola

Since the attainment of self rule in 1960, the leadership of the Nigerian state has been steered by its youths. From time immemorial, individuals who had taken over the helm of affairs of her leadership had been youths of substance who stepped up the leadership ladder through severe passion to oversee the the country’s self rule from the colonialists. These passions resulted in agitations from varieties of quarters including the youths who had dominated majority of the old parliamentary house. The likes of Ahmadu bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Anthony Enahorho and others fought for the attainment of the country’s independence with the optimism of changing the optimism face of the Nigerian state together with the elevator of the well being of its citizens. It is worthy to note that after the much clamoured independence, the Nigerian state has been overseen by leaders who changed the face of the Nigerian entity. The likes of J.T.U Aguiyu irons, Yakubu Jack Gowon, Muritala mohammed and Olusegun Obasanjo have proven to be youths who steered the leadership of the Nation towards a right direction at least to a large extent at least bearing the young Nigerian state in mind.

Recently, statistics has shown that more than half of the Nigerian populace and workforce is largely youth based workforce and thus had over the years contributed to the country’s economy to a large extent. These youths have served in various sectors of the Nigerian sectors as employees contributing greatly to the developments of the sectors and surprisingly majority of them had elevated to the status of being their own bosses and CEOS at their prime. Fortunately, it is worthy to note that the Nigerian politicians are not obnoxious of the fact that these youth are strong willed and agile to dive into jobs which might come in handy to their survival and hence capitalization or better still taken undue advantages of the perceptions negatively by indulging these youths in political violence and thuggery at the expense of their lives.

However, it is surprising to note that the current Nigerian Presidency has taken turns to dish out abusive terms on these youths despite being the ones who had plunged them into their current predicaments. Recently, the Nigerian president in a recent visit to the united kingdom in a conversation tagged these youths is being Lazy which is an amounted national criticism to the youths. This goes to show the level to which the Nigerian presidency holds its youths. The recent ‘Not too young’ to run bill signed by the Nigerian senate is a show of deceit as this does not reflect the true esteem it held its youths. Eventually, only time will tell if indeed the current Nigerian youths are ready to take over the level of the Nigerian state or will leave it in the hands of the current marauding Nigerian leadership.