Man Imprisoned for 52 years after ‘beheading wife and putting her head in the freezer’


A husband who hacked off his wife’s head and then decided to keep it in the family freezer has been jailed for over half a century.

An investigation started when Bellmead police were called to the couple’s home in Concord Road for a second welfare check after Dauzat’s brother called police a second time that morning to say he had continually received odd phone calls from Dauzat.

The first visit proved fruitless. By the time the second call was made, the wife was dead and Dauzat admitted to his brother what he’d done while their son, aged one year and three year old daughter were at home.

The paper said Dauzat admitted to told police he had used drugs before killing Natasha Dauzat, but it was not clear what drugs he took and when, other than smoking marijuana with his wife earlier that day, according to affidavits filed in the case.

After the hearing, Dauzat’s defense attorney, Joseph Marcee, of Georgetown, told the paper: “It is certainly a tragedy for everybody involved in the situation and I think it highlights the dangers that drugs play in our society.

“I certainly think that factored into everything and I think it is a tragedy.“My client took responsibility for his actions today and that is something he wanted to do.”

The newspaper said an autopsy report confirmed that Natasha Dauzat had died from at least 43 knife wounds and other “sharp-force injuries, including decapitation.”

Dauzat was told he must spend at least 26 years in prison before he can seek parole.

In a victim-impact statement from the victim’s mother, Patricia Tagliarino said Dauzat deserved to die a slow, painful death like her daughter did and she now prays every day for him to die. (MirrorUK)

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