Lawmaker Kicked Out of Chamber For Coming With Baby

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A Kenyan lawmaker, Zulekha Hassan, was kicked out of parliament because she came in with her baby.

According to Hassan, she brought in the baby while in the parliament because she had an emergency and was unable to sort out babysitting arrangements.

Speaking with the Citizen Kenya, she said, she had expected to be in the August House (name of the parliament) for a short time.

She said, “Today, I had an emergency, what was I supposed to do? Miss parliament? That’s why I just came with her. I knew I would be staying here just for a while and later when my situation is better, I would go. But if there was a room or a creche or nursery, I would then be able to put my baby there.”

According to the Standing Orders of the National Assembly, strangers are not allowed into the House, including children.

Hassan revealed that there had been a rule that a nursery should be established within the premises of the parliament for nursing mothers since 2013 but it was never implemented.


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