Dark nights seem longer than ever,
Bright days don’t give enough sparkle as usual,
For every day that passes by my heart grows fonder
Then I realize the absence of what makes me normal.

Do I need to tell you how much I miss you?
If you don’t know my words would reach you
But what if my words fail to reach you?
Then,nature would help me tell you that I miss you.

I painted the sky with images of the memories,
Illuminating it with the sorrows I feel now,
Waiting for the reflection of your face
But all I could see was the reflection of the grief I feel.

I walked past the street we both used to stroll down,
Waiting for your hand to hold mine,both swinging in the air
Only for the swift breeze of the street to fit into my hand,
The emptiness in the air was all I could feel beside me.

Foul air is all I could breathe now,
Even the atmosphere around me brings more heat.
The cloud is filled with the tears I have shed,
I hope someday it will rain and flood you back into my World.