How to Use Your Cutlery (European Style)

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In formal occasions, you’ll want to use these utensils in a classical manner. There is the continental style and american style to handling your cutlery.

Let’s look at the European/Continental Style

  1. Position of the fork and knife

The fork should always be on the left side of the plate or hand while the knife should be on the right side of the plate or hand.

2. About to cut items on your plate

When you need to cut meat or fish or anything on your plate, hold your knife on your right hand. The index finger is mostly straight and rests near the base of the top, blunt side of the blade. The other four fingers wrap around the handle. While your index finger is resting on the top, your thumb juxtaposes it on the side. The end of the knife handle should be touching the base of your palm.

3. Cutting items on your plate

Use the fork on your left hand to hold the food down while applying pressure on it and use the knife to gently cut through. Make sure your index fingers are pointing towards your plate, it makes the cut effective.

4. Take food to your mouth with the fork

After cutting, make sure you take smallish bits of the food into your mouth with the fork and enjoy your food. You won’t want to mess it up by taking so much that your mouth can’t accomodate.


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