How To Use Your Cutlery (American Style)

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As we all know that our utensils should be properly and rightly used in a classical manner especially in formal outings. We will take a look at the American Style of handling your cutlery.

  1. Position of the fork and knife

Unlike the continental style the fork is always on the left hand and the knife on the right hand during cutting only. In American style, using a fork adopts more of a pen-like hold. The handle rests against your hand in between your thumb and forefinger, your middle finger and thumb are holding the base, and your index finger rests on top.

2. About to cut items on your plate

You only pick up your knife on your right hand when you need to cut. The positioning of the fork is the same as the aforementioned.

3. Cut items on your plate

When cutting on your plate, you hold the food down with your fork, while using your knife to cut through on it. Note that your fork should be closer to you than your knife.

4. Switching Hands

Now this is a major difference between the styles. After cutting into piece, you deop the knife then move the fork from the left hand to the right hand before taking a bite.

5. Take food to your mouth with the fork

Except you are cutting, always make sure that your fork is always on the right side. If you are eating what doesn’t require cutting, then you put your fork on your right hand .


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