How to Display Confidence

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Confidence is a state of being certain about a thing or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective.

Lack of Confidence can open you to redicule, bully and the likes. While display of confidence will bring to you trust, accountability and a whole lot.

Here are 5 possible ways you can display confidence ;

  • 1. Do not Fidget

Fidgeting is one of the obvious ways to notice a person who lacks confidence. Keep yourself still and steady, try not to shake your legs or hands except when gesticulating.

  • 2. Firm Handshake

A handshake is not a contest or a competition, so calmly give handshakes and don’t crush the hand you are shaking. Firm handshake is a sign and display of Confidence.

  • 3. Always Put on A Smile

Confident people always put on a smile. Chances are that whn you smile at people they tend to smile back. Now wouldn’t you like to have that effect on people all the time?

  • 4. Dress and Smell Good

Dressing and Smelling good builds your confidence naturally. Don’t always be scared to shave of, use perfumes,body sprays and try new products. The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed. Dressing good even allows you to get attention as you approach or talk to people as it is a display of confidence.

  • 5. Always Take Wide Steps

A confident man takes wide steps. Taking wide steps denotes the display of confidence in a man. You shouldn’t run back or hide when decisions or plans are to be made. You can do that thing which seem difficult. Don’t ever think you can’t. If it doesn’t work out don’t think you failed, you just only found a way which won’t work. Try again with display of confidence.


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