How To Deal With Negative Emotions

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Negative emotions can be described as any feeling which causes you to be depressed, miserable and sad. These emotions most times birth mood swings and all.

These are possible ways in which you can deal with negative emotions;

  1. Avoid it

Avoid situations that could potentially lead to a negative emotion.  For example, people avoid taking risks or approaching that stranger because they’re trying to avoid the feeling of rejection or failure. When negative thoughts comes up in your head endeavor to distract yourself.

2. Don’t Deny The Thoughts

When the emotion comes don’t deny it by saying or thinking its not that bad. If you ignore of deny the feeling, it increases! So let it flow but you can distract yourself

3. Avoid making it a competition

Making the negative emotions a competition is a bad idea, when people tell their stories you always go with the “yours is better till you hear mine.” Avoid making it a competition

4. Learn from it

As humans, we should always learn from difficulties of life, negative emotions and difficult moments. So when you have negative emotions, learn from ut so it doesn’t repeat itself no more.


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