How to Avoid Depression

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Depression can be a difficult emotion to deal with, it comes with pain, sadness and diffucult times but it can be dealt with not at once tho but through a process.

Here is a list of ways to avoid or overcome depression;

  • 1. Don’t Do Too Much

I know we think we need to get busy and do a lot so we won’t have time to ponder on issues and get sad. But the truth is, when we put ourselves into so much we get tired and stressed . And stress is a risk factor for anxiety which produces depression.

  • 2. Make Friends

Get a life of fun filled activities with friends. Make more friends, so you can hang out often. Be nice to those around you, especially your friends. Share ideas and thoughts. If you can change the thoughts you can change depression!

  • 3. Stop Blaming Yourself

No matter how bad you feel, never blame yourself, yea you made a mistake and all but the aim is to move on amd not get stucked damaging yourself on mistakes. As far as you have realized your mistakes,move on! It doesn’t seem easy, as depression comes with self blame but we just have to deal with it.

  • 4. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are no good substance to cure depression. Rather eat healthy and engage in exercises. A lot of us have done more bad to our body than good, alcohol is a depressant which multiplies your level of depression.

  • 5. Join a Support Group

Support groups are helpful, you get to meet people who have faced similar issues or worse and overcame. This makes you hopeful and trust for a better life outside depression.


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