How does bleaching cream affect the skin?its benefits and disadvantages


Over the years I have seen many dark skinned folks turn Fair skinned. I had always asked the question as to what lead them to do this. Is it for beauty or is it that the dark skin has no beauty or is it that the fair skin is preferred over the dark skin. In the end,it is just what one desires. But another question,how safe are these bleach creams,do they have any side effects?

Skin bleach creams have been considered as an essential part of the overall skin care all over the world. Bleaching is a fast and quick process of removing dark patches and tanning from the skin of the face and the bleach cream does the lightening by whitening the hair on the face.

Just as it is always the case,While there are many beauty benefits of bleaching, there are also some disadvantages. The use of bleach creams is only a shortlived process which is artificial and not natural. The following are some other points which describe the advantages and disadvantages of bleaching:

Here are The Advantages of Bleaching

  • The first and the main benefit of bleaching is that it is a very economical process of skin care and quick glow and beauty.
  • Bleach creams totally removes the tan from the area of where it is applied and leaves the skin clear and fair.
  • Bleach cream is a remedy that can really help to provide a glow to the skin before special occasions and events.
  • Another benefit of bleaching is that it can be done on any part of the skin including face, arms, legs, back and tummy etc.
  • Bleaching is a process which both men and women can use to get that glow on the skin.

Haven gone through the advantages of bleach creames, here are Disadvantages of Bleaching

  • One of the main disadvantages of bleaching is that it can have many side effects for the skin such as skin rashes and redness. These rashes may go away in some time but may cause discomfort for that much time.
  • The main agent used in a bleach cream is hydroquinone and this ingredient is very dangerous on the human skin. It can lead to skin cancer if the use is repeatedly and if the product is of low quality.
  • Another agent used in bleach creams is mercury and this agent too is capable of causing skin cancer if the skin is exposed to the sun soon after it’s application and use.
  • Bleach creams must not be used too regularly as they can also cause pimples and other marks on the face due to repeated use.
  • Using bleach creams excessively can also lead to thinning of the skin which can in turn lead to stretch marks because the skin becomes prone to bruising.
  • There are many other harmful chemicals present in skin bleaches and these can lead to a variety of allergic reactions especially in the case of those who have sensitive skin.
  • Sometimes, if the bleach is applied in more than required quantities, it can lead to irritation on the skin and issues like acne, eczema and dermatitis.
  • The uneven color of the skin is yet another disadvantage of bleaching and this may look extremely artificial on the skin especially the face. This has made it difficult for the individual to step out due to embarrassment.
  • The use of skin bleaches can hinder the ability of the skin to heal from rashes, allergies, and wounds.

A question you should ask yourself before considering a bleach cream is, is the shortlived beauty worth the damage?


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