Fourth Baby ‘Sold’ by Missionaries of Charity Found


Police on Sunday traced and located the fourth child allegedly offered off by the employees and a nun of Nirmal Hriday, a shelter dwelling run by the Missionaries of Charity (MoC). Ranchi SSP Anish Gupta stated, “This was the last of the four children which the staff of Nirmal Hriday, Anima Indwar, confessed to selling.”

He added, “The couple who bought the baby belong to Chhatarpur area of Palamu and were living in Chutia area of Ranchi, from where we found the baby.” This six-month-old child boy was sold off instantly after birth allegedly by Nirmal Hriday for Rs 50,000.

Earlier this month, an FIR was lodged towards Nirmal Hriday at Kotwali police station based mostly on a grievance by the Baby Welfare Committee (CWC) for promoting infants and employees member Anima Indwar and sister Koncilia have been arrested. Gupta stated, “We are getting many leads but we cannot divulge them as of now. We are working on to verify them

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