Former Eagles Goal Keeper Expresses Ighalo’s Retirement as a Shock

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Former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Ike Shorumu, said Ighalo’s retirement came as a shock.

According to Shorumu, “If he says he is retired from national engagements, he knows why and I am sure he has his reason but the truth is, it caught the whole nation unawares and Nigerians were shocked. I still can’t believe it.  He hasn’t stayed too long playing for the Eagles for him to say he wants to retire but the reason is best known to him,”

Ex-Super Eagles players have also reacted to the decision of retirement of the footballer.

Garba Lawal also contributed and said, “I wasn’t surprise when I heard the news because in football, you have to stop playing one day, starting with the national team.

“It just depends on how you feel and fit in. You have to obey your body, if your body can’t take you any longer, you have to stop. It is not easy playing for both country and club. When you are ageing, you don’t need anybody to tell you because you will definitely know. You can’t force a player to return to the team when they call it quits. They will one day leave so that young players can come up.  All we need to do is just to accept his decision and pray for him.”


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