Five (5) Profitable Vocational Skills To Acquire In The 21st Century

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As we all know that human wants are insatiable but our needs are vital. The basic human needs are; food, cloth and shelter, which simply means that we can’t do without any of it.

A lot of graduates and even undergraduates get trained with these skills and are paid hundreds and thousands of naira just to meet human needs.

Food is an essential need which must be met. In fact, food is said to be the live of a party! So any party that has enough food, is said to have life! So let’s consider somes skill under this essential need called food.

  1. Baking; if you learn how to bake cake, make chin-chin, meat-pie, fish-rolls etc. If you get very professional at this, you could work for big eateries and hotels that are willing to pay for your services. This business is stressful but if you are good at it, you could generate a moderate income that can sustain you.
  2. Catering;  is a skill of providing food to satisfy human needs. Catering in the 21st century is a good skill and good business, if you cook so well and can properly plait your meal well, you could be a well known mobile caterer or event caterer.

Clothing on the other hand is also a basic need. In this 21st Century, clothing and fashion has taken a new turn, so we need services of well skilled designers and fashion experts to help meet our urge for fashion. Under this need, we have;

3. Fashion Designing; The 21st Century fashion industry  does not know the meaning of recession. This industry grows yearly and as well the profit margins. If you are the creative and the trendy type, you will make it in this industry. Also, in Africa, especially we love to slay in our aso ebi and attires. There is no week in Nigeria that people are not celebrating. When you are good at designing or sewing, you will be overwhelmed with job orders, especially during festive periods.

4. Make Up; Looking good is good business, the beauty industry is thriving as the women folk who are mainly users of makeup still believe they are not beautiful until they apply make up, or what you wear needs to be complemented by good touch of face beat.

It is one of the skill thriving and making profitable waves in Nigeria. The bride, the guest, the birthday girl, name it, all want to look sleek with that face touch. Which makes it so profitable especially when you combine with tying gele and hairdressing.

Shelter is commonly considered a fundamental physiological human need. It is a basic architectural structure or building that provides protection from the local environment, a place called home. Most homes today are furnished with furnitures, electrical appliances and so on. Let’s check out the profitable skills that meets the human need called Shelter.

5. Carpentery; Those who establish themselves in carpentry by learning the skill often have plenty of work and live well. Carpenters construct and repair building structures made from wood and other materials, including door frames, stairways, and more. They also install household items such as cabinets, chairs,tables, drywall, and siding. Though, this skill involves a lot of energy but it is highly profitable especially in this 21st Century.


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