Facebook’s app mess cleanup may be more difficult than Mark Zuckerberg reasons.


Just how difficult is it going to be for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to clean up the world’s largest social network and make sure apps aren’t there waiting to potentially exploit your data?

Maybe even harder than he thinks, given what we found after just a quick check of some of the apps linked to our own profiles. Those include software from Apple and Samsung, the world’s two biggest smartphone makers, that haven’t actually existed on their devices for years.

Some of these so-called legacy apps required user data as varied as your friends’ religions, relationship statuses and photos. Bet you didn’t know you still had them. Even developers may not be aware their old apps are still hanging out on Facebook.

Lucky for all of us, Apple and Samsung are used to securing user data and said they never actually kept the information on their servers. In Apple’s case, it didn’t even pull friend data to start with, aside from the list of who your friends were. In fact, neither company offers these kinds of Facebook apps anymore, and the ones that show up on your Facebook account are linked to devices that are several years old. One, from Samsung, goes back as far as feature phones and the days before Facebook even had a mobile app.

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