CACOL Calls For The Release Of Sowore

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Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL, has called for the release of human rights activist Omoyele Sowore.

According to a statement said by the coordinator of the group, “CACOL as a civil anti-corruption organisation does not support violent take-over of government, especially under a democratic or people-oriented arrangement where elections are periodically organised to choose who lead the massed under a free and transparent atmosphere, devoid of any travesty of sanctity of people’s collective will.

“Against this background, we strongly believe that for Nigeria to actually make progress and reclaim its primal position in the comity of modern nations, the current government should heed the call for a resort to the various outcomes of deliberations and resolutions on the contentious national issues like: resource control, state or regional police, foreign policy, and even the making of a truly people-oriented constitution for the over 250 ethnic nationality groups in Nigeria.

“We believe that no short-cut exists towards achieving this than the convocation of a sovereign national conference which decisions must be binding and sovereign by the very agreement of all age-long issues of altercation and relevance within the Nigerian state.

“We believe that it is never too late to retrace the footpath of the country if and when everything shows clearly that we have since lost our path as a society.”


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