Adedeji Arts Making Waves With Typography

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“Adedeji Art” is the popular name of Adedeji Michael Adedapo, a graduate of Graphics Design, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos state.

This young graduate is the CEO of “Adedeji Art”, he is a typographer, a pen and pencil artist and also a graphic designer who is gaining more waves through his Typography portraits.

Some of his typography portraits can be seen below;

He recently launced his first Arts Exhibition which he tagged “Sands of Time”. According to him, the purpose for his exhibition was to help the poor and orphans as he gave out 70% of his returns from the Exhibition to charity.

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Giving to Charity
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70% of his return from his exhibition was donated to charity

Adedeji has made typography portraits for celebrities, social media influencers and also foreigners in other countries.

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Typography Portraits byAdedejiArt
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… AdedejiArt

He believes so much in digital as it is an expressive medium for his art and he believes the world is going digital daily.

In an interview with DailyTrust Nigeria, he explained how he came up with typography portraits. According to him,

“I was just curious about the fact that everyone is doing the same kind of art and felt the need to start doing art differently. I got on the internet to research on ways that my art could be exceptional from others. Typography is what has already been out there. I simply took from what is already existing and coined my own style. For about two years now, I have been consistently doing it, and improving on it. My text art craft has improved and more is becoming more accepted by people.”

He also expressed his most exciting part of being a Typography artist in the interview. He said, “One of the most exciting part so far for me is the encouragement, and good comments I have received. Also, the social media support with people sharing my work and making other people see it, makes me so excited and encourages me to do more.”

The young CEO is also a part-time photographer, who believes human face is beautiful and as a result his focus on portraits for his typography.

His instagram and twitter account is @Adedejiart


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