A Trump Supporter Posted a Video of Himself Capturing a Image of David Hogg


Within the wake of the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Excessive Faculty, lots of the surviving college students have emerged as public figures and activists for gun management reform — a place that’s made them targets for numerous attacks. Within the newest, right-wing on-line persona Frank Espinoza, turned survivor David Hogg’s image right into a literal goal, which he then shot 10 instances with an obvious assault rifle. Frank posted a video of the “target practice” on Twitter below the username @MagaFrank2, with the caption “Dear David Hogg.”

“You want to push society to a civil war?” Frank, who donned a black “Make America Great Again” hat, stated within the video, as reported by The Daily Dot. “I’m going to show you what a civil war is going to look like, David.”

The tweets have been instantly met with backlash and calls to report Frank to Twitter and even to the FBI. “If you take a cardboard cutout of a teenage shooting survivor and use it as target practice, you should not have a gun,” fellow taking pictures survivor Sarah Chadwick wrote on Twitter.

Talking with Newsweek, Frank defended the video by saying he’s a “performance artist” who “wanted to see the trajectory of where this [Internet censorship] was going” — although admitted “it’s possible” that his publish may encourage violence towards David or others. Frank’s Twitter account was additionally suspended, however that video he posted is simply the most recent in a string of vitriolic assaults on David and his friends. In current weeks, conservative TV host Jamie Allman resigned after posting a tweet threatening to sexually assault David. And a number of Parkland survivors have acquired death threats.

Whereas it could be scary, these college students haven’t let the hate derail their activism. “We’re receiving a lot of cruelty. Of course we’re not taking any of it seriously, but what I’ve seen is that the less they think of us as real teenagers, and the more they think of us as ‘puppets’ or ‘shills’ or ‘actors,’ the less they have to realize that they’re saying cruel things to children who were just in a mass shooting,” taking pictures survivor Delaney Tarr stated at an International Women’s Day panel final month. “The best thing that we can do is push it aside.”

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