A New Video From Democrats Breaks Down How the Blue Wave May Hit State Legislatures


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D) has a message for each voter: State-level elections matter.

“The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher,” Booker tells Teen Vogue. “Almost 800 state legislative seats are up in November, and Democrats are in a strong position to flip hundreds of them — if we work hard enough to do it.”

In a brand new video from the Democratic Legislative Marketing campaign Committee (DLCC), Booker talks about how 66 of 99 state legislative homes — that’s two for every state besides Nebraska — are managed by Republicans. That’s a variety of energy for conservatives, and as Teen Vogue has reported, selections made on the state degree impression points starting from reproductive rights and immigration to gun safety and health care.

Many state legislatures additionally control voting laws and the drawing of congressional district traces, which might basically decide the outcomes of federal races. This can provide state legislatures the facility to gerrymander.

With practically 800 seats up for election this yr, it is necessary to proceed speaking about state and native races, highlighting great candidates and activating young voters — as a result of it’s not simply the federal degree that ought to have our consideration. These elections depend, too, and to date, 33 state legislature seats have flipped from crimson to blue.

The video that includes Booker highlights the single-seat flip that turned Washington state’s complete authorities blue, resulting in the passage of many progressive policies.

“The DLCC’s work to elect Democrats and win more legislative majorities is crucial for our democracy,” Manka Dhingra, the Washington senator elected to that seat, says. “Flipping the state of Washington from red to blue with just my one vote enabled us to enact the Voting Rights Act, address gun violence, protect net neutrality, pass equal pay, and so much more.”

Democrats stay hopeful about their probabilities in 2018 elections whilst an April Washington Post–ABC News poll confirmed that, within the race for the 2018 nationwide midterms, they may be losing momentum with voters.

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