6 Tips that guide into self discovery


We all know that words are power, we should learn how to trade it. Bearing in mind that all things that be were created by word. Self discovery is the most difficult thing that most of us can’t seem to solve.Knowing your longings, your habit, your drive could lead to of self discovery

Here are 6 tips that could let you have a look into you as you are and hence,self discovery.

1) When you lack courage nothing is encouraging to you

2) A fearful man is as dead as an ignorant man.

3) Emotion is stronger than knowledge. Suppressing your emotion will allow what you know to be applied as at when needful.

4) Love, if not well nurtured and cared for, could lead to hatred.

5) Ignorance is the worst disease that only you can cure. It kills faster than the most dreaded diseases put together. Seek to know and you shall know.

6) Above all, never lose your value or self worth in trying to love someone, learn to strike a balance.