5 Signs Your Relationship will not Lead To Marriage


Many people have invested so much in their relationship; a lot of years, money, emotions and resources only for the relationship to fail or they get dumped.

Here are 5 signs that clearly show that your relationship might not end in marriage.

1) No Trust For Each Other

Trust is another important factor in relationships that would lead to marriage; when two partners trust each other, they live at peace with each other — this creates a sense of security and harmony. However, when trust is lacking, security would be lacking, doubt would take over, jealousy would exist and so many other things that would ruin the long-term future of the relationship.

2) Only Sexual Relationship

A lot of people mistake the sexual passion and intimacy in a relationship as a sign of cohesiveness, but this isn’t true. Sex isn’t the only reason couples get married; you would hardly see a relationship that went on to marriage because the sex was great, no!
If you are in a relationship that’s purely sexual, then you need to watch it; such a relationship might fall short of leading to marriage.

3) Priority for the Future

Your priorities show where your heart truly lies; if the future is a priority for you, but isn’t really a priority for your partner, then it shows something isn’t right. When both partners place a priority on the future then the relationship is on the right track, otherwise, that relationship might not head to marriage.

4) There is Poor Commitment

Don’t be deceived, poor commitment or a relationship without commitment would hardly ever lead to marriage. When commitment exists in a relationship, it shows that both partners love and care enough about each other and are dedicated to having a future together.
Commitment is a very positive sign that the relationship is heading the right way, but when one partner isn’t wholly committed to the relationship, then it might die off. I placed emphasis on totally because, it’s mostly a totally committed partner that would want to take the relationship further; when one partner isn’t fully committed, this could be a bad sign.

5) Lack Of Emotions

Emotions are what show how the relationship is faring, and when they are bottled up, things might not move in the right direction. If you don’t show each other when you are happy, sad, when you feel betrayed, how much you love and care for each other, then it could be said that your relationship lacks passion, and even if such a relationship transcends to marriage, it might suffer.

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