5 Scary Bridges In The World

5 Scary Bridges In The World
5 Scary Bridges In The World

These bridges takes only brave hearts to cross. If you are scared of heights, it is advisable that you either don’t try to cross these bridges or you don’t look down when crossing.

These are the scariest bridges in the world;

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Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, China.
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Glass Bridge China

This glass bridge is located in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, China. It stretches 1,410 feet between two mountains. Looking through its glass bottom will certainly give you a fright as it has 984-foot drop. The bridge had to be temporarily closed after it’s opening because it was handling 10 times as many as the allotted 8,000 visitors per day.

  • 2. Kuandinsky Bridge
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Kuandinsky bridge

This bridge has no guardrails, makes it worse. It is located in Kuanda, Russia. It is a narrow path, and more scary during the snowy and icy weather. It was built 30 years ago and is officially closed to the public, but yet few people take the risk and make it through.

  • 3. Eshima Ohashi Bridge
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Ohashi bridge

This bridge is located in Matsue and Sakaiminato. The bridge links the cities of  Matsue and Sakaiminato. The incline at the start of the bridge would make any driver a little anxious. Its rollercoaster appearance is due to the 6.1 gradient on one side and 5.1 on the other. The height allows ships to pass underneath. 

  • 4. Royal Gorge Bridge
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Tallest bridge in the U.S
  • 5. Hussaini Hanging Bridge

The Royal Gorge bridge is Cañon City, Colorado. This bridge is beautiful. It is said to be the tallest bridge in the U.S. thrill-seekers will love walking across its 1,292 wooden planks.

This bridge is located in Hunza Valley, Pakistan. It has gaps wide enough for your foot to fall through. People believe the bridge next to this one was damaged by a monsoon around 2010 or 2011 and will likely be rebuilt.


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