10 firefighters Use Lubricants And Hydraulic Cutting Tools To Remove A Sex Toy From A Mans Organ During A Six Hour Sex Ordeal.


Ten firefighters spent six hours battling to remove a ring from a man’s penis after it became stuck during a sex game. Two crews were called to help with the delicate task because nurses and doctors were unable to remove the toy at Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk.

Emergency services were called to the hospital’s accident and emergency department at 12.35am on Saturday.

The crew tried in vain trying to cut the ring free from the base of the man’s penis with the aid of lubricants and hydraulic tools while avoiding damaging the organ. But nearly four hours later at 4.15am, they had to call for assistance and a second fire crew was sent from the Princes Street fire station in Ipswich.

A Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said the ring was finally cut off and the fire crews returned to their respective stations at 6.40am.

The spokesman said: ‘Fire crews were called for assistance by the East of England Ambulance Service. They attended Ipswich Hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning and removed a large ring from the base of a man’s penis. It was finally cut off with the a small piece of cutting equipment.. We cannot give any other details.’

It is not known if the patient required any further medical assistance.

A spokesman for Ipswich Hospital said she was unable to provide any details.

London Fire Brigade has recorded a growing number of incidents of having to cut away penis rings which are designed to improve erections.

Firefighters in the capital were reportedly called to nine accidents involving the toys in 2016, the same number as the previous two years combined.

They also recorded rescuing 27 people from handcuffs after bondage sessions went awry.

Rescue workers blamed the surge in sex game mishaps on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey effect’.

The London Fire Brigade released a bizarre video in 2015 which urged people to be cautious while using penis rings.

The video which parodied Star Wars and was entitled Penis Ring Wars urged caution when using penis rings and other sex toys.

A message on the video said: ‘The force awakens in some Londoners which has resulted in people being stuck or trapped in objects like handcuffs or rings.

‘The Firefighter Alliance is campaigning to reduce some of the time-wasting calls in a bid to drive down incidents across the galaxy.

‘One time firefighters came to the rescue of a man forced to undergo surgery to remove two metal rings that had been stuck on his penis for three days.